My name is Linda and I am the owner and creative mind behind LaLaLa Designs. More importantly though, I am Mum to 2 beautiful kids.

In my life before children I was a Registered Nurse however when my kids came along I decided that nursing was no longer for me. I needed a job that I not only loved doing but that also gave me the flexibility to be around for the kids and participate in their lives as much as possible. Hence LaLaLa Designs was born in February 2011.

I have always been passionate about craft and creating original pieces from ideas I conjure. Having children provided the perfect inspiration to create beautiful and unique products that not only enhance a child’s living space but also reflect their individuality and unique personality.

As a result I started creating personalised pictures from beautiful scrapbook papers. I have since expanded my range to include originally designed kid's swimwear, kid's sun hats, baby shoes and much more!

Everything at LaLaLa Designs is individually handmade to create a truly unique gift. Whether you want to purchase a birthday gift, baptism gift, newborn baby gift or something special for your own child we have what you are looking for.

I am also passionate about supporting the local economy therefore most of my materials are sourced from either the Gold Coast or Brisbane with the remainder coming from other parts of Australia. When you buy from LaLaLa Designs you are guaranteed a genuine, handmade, locally sourced product.